Zweirad Andreas Sedlmeier

Guestbook entry translated from german language.

Hello Diana and Emy,
many thanks again for the help and caretaking, for the organizing and guiding of the enduro tours! Great woods and mountains make the Enduro heart beat faster!
In the Zarand mountains, every driver, regardless if beginner or professional, will find his challenge or just soft enduro tours for relaxing.
Our accommodation with room for changing, was the best that I have ever had during a Enduro holiday. Really great!
Absolutely comfortable arrival, as you do not have to drive through the entire Romania.
Definitely, driving with Emy is recommended and worth the trip.
We will come back, many thanks again and see you soon!
Enduro greetings,
Zweirad Andreas Sedlmeier

Sunday, 25 September 2016 17:44

Guestbook entry translated from german language.

Hi Emy,
we, Daniel and me, wanted to thank you again for the great weekend.
I was skeptical at the beginning, because this was our first tour to Romania and I did not know much, besides what I read in articles.
The guiding on the tours was great, despite the cold temperatures, very diverse from soft to hard, there was everything that the enduro heart desires. Every one of us felt satisfied (and we are Rallydrivers).
The accommodation was much better then expected and the kitchen is also not to ignore. We were happy every evening when we could go back to our warm rooms to rest our bones.
Emy chose the tracks considering our level of experience, so that we were able to do all tracks, but never got bored.
Definitely one of the highlights was the trip to the farm, where we received food worth for a king!
Altogether, it was a great tour, that did not leave us with any open desires… besides the weather, but we will come back in the summer and hope to have a better weather then!
We are gladly expecting the next tours with you!

Team Desertmoto

Sunday, 25 September 2016 17:42


Guestbook entry translated from german language.


„I was for the fifth time in Arad. The region and the terrain around Arad is super for Enduro tours. Regardless if for beginners or for professionals, there is something for everybody, because Emy, the tourguide, finds the right track for everyone. With him, you are in great hands, because he organizes the tours really great and takes care of everything from A to Z (arrival, accommodation, gas, food, mechanics…). The accommodation and the food are a highlight for everybody. Whoever wants to drive enduro, soft or hard, is at the right place at Emy. I will, as long as my health allows me, drive to Arad at least once per year.
I hope you are all fine.
See you soon and many greetings,
Hans and Viola. “

Sunday, 25 September 2016 17:40

 Guestbook entry translated from german language.

 We have been now several times in Romania. From now on there is only Arad for us!
Simply because everything is great!
Starting with the tourguide and his lovely wife Diana, the great surroundings, the variety of tracks, and last but not least the short arrival. Who has been to Romania knows, that one is glad for every single spared kilometer on the Romanian roads!
Conclusion: when we will have the next opportunity, we will come for sure!

Greetings from Petra and Rudi.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016 05:10

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