У нас для вас естьв продажу(услуги) ЁМКОСТНОЕ И РЕЗЕРВУАРНОЕ ОБОРУДОВАНИЕ, Силосы для хранения сыпучих продуктов, Промышленные смесители, Термическая сушка осадков сточных вод, Водоприемный колодец, Дренажный блок инфильтрационный (БИЗ), Биологическая очистка хоз.бытовых сточных вод, ОДЪЕМНЫЕ УСТРОЙСТВА И МЕТАЛЛОКОНСТРУКЦИИ Металлоконструкции фермы, ВОДООЧИСТНОЕ ОБОРУДОВАНИЕ Фильтры напорные и самотечные (ФОВ, ФИП, ФСУ), ПОДЪЕМНЫЕ УСТРОЙСТВА И МЕТАЛЛОКОНСТРУКЦИИ Металлоконструкции фермы, ОЧИСТКА ЛИВНЕВЫХ СТОЧНЫХ ВОД КПН (комбинированный песко-нефтеуловитель), НАСОСНОЕ И КОМПРЕССОРНОЕ ОБОРУДОВАНИЕ (Грунфос, КСБ, Вило, КИТ, Взлёт, ТВП) Дозирование и разгрузка, ВОДОПОДГОТОВКУ Озонаторы и хлотаторы, а также все для автомойки Система очистки воды для автомоек. У нас вы найдете Очистка стоков ЛОС, а также Коллектора, мы можем произвести Подбор оборудования для обустройства скважины. Бурение неглубоких скважин, Инженерные изыскания, Водоснабжение частного дома. В компании проектирует, производит Ремонт скважин на воду. пресс для обезвоживания осадка ленточный пресс для обезвоживания осадка
Saturday, 16 November 2019 10:37
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Thursday, 14 November 2019 20:01
Petr Kumpan

 Hi Diana,

 first of all, many thanks to you and Emy for wonderfull three days in Arad. The best organization ever, as well as perfect guiding and all other services (food, accomodation and all). We loved it and will recommend you to everyone that wishes to go to Romania for enduro.

Saturday, 27 May 2017 09:41
Andreas - Westbomke

Guestbook entry translated from german language.

Hello Emy,

yes we have a small winter in Germany. But we have all arrived well at home and started the week. Thank you for the incredibly great week!!! We absolutely loved it! A top accommodation that we would not have expected. Food and hospitality in the winery could not have been better. Just like your tours ....AWESOME!

Exactly what we expected, really five fantastic days riding in one of the most beautiful Enduro regions! We are already planning for next year! P.S. the video is incredibly great and was even ahead of us home!

Many greetings from the cold Germany!
From team Martha

Sunday, 25 September 2016 18:14

Guestbook entry translated from german language.

Thank you for 5 wonderful days of Enduro driving in Romania.

Starting with the good preparation by Diana, and the great tours that were customized to the group, to accommodation with your great service. All needs were met and all the work was taken from us. Thanks also for the beautiful evenings in Arad.

All together a incredible service in a super enduro landscape.
I wish you and your team all the best and look forward to seeing you again.


Sunday, 25 September 2016 18:13
Gerhard *Kurwa

Guestbook entry translated from german language.

Hello Emy, Diana

This year everything was perfect again, as every year! Super ride with you and Hans and also the weather had everything to offer sun, rain, just the best! Room and board at Rudi and his men 100% Perfect.

The lunch and all other Perfect! Beautiful greetings from all and we are back next year there. Dont forget: pussies never will be heros.

Regards Kurwa

Sunday, 25 September 2016 18:12
Rainer M.

Guestbook entry translated from german language.

We came as a 5 member team and were very full of anticipation for our booked tour with Emy. Preparation, arrival, everything went perfect. What we have experienced in the coming 4 days, surpassed our wildest expectations.

Emy had a complete package, that made an Enduro dream came true. Starting with the accomodation, the lodging and the care for the bikes, the food and the drinks in the pension and also during the daily trips: everything was very well planned and perfectly organized. In short an all around carefree package.

We were very lucky that the weather was perfect, not to warm, dry and grip without end, that made everything drivable, even where I wouldn’t have dare to look it I has home. J
Emy analyzes the capabilities of each participant with incredible skills and then tries to improve the skills of every single driver during the tour and to bring everyone to his limit.

Everything ist put in a frame by the wonderful countryside and friendly people - really a perfect package at an unbeatable price.

One notices that Emy lives this sport and does not do this for the money (at accounting at the end was done to the last cent – gas, food, drinks, nobody gets ripped off!!)

Next year we will come 100% sure and I really cannot wait to go again!

PS Greeting to the Austrians who were there, especially to my friend Martin, a great guy! Greeting also to Diana, the better half of Emy, who took care of the Emails and the bookings.
I wish you all a season with no accidents and health and all the good things! Enduro mit Emy-Unstoppable- Unstoppable ;-)
Greetz Rainer

Sunday, 25 September 2016 18:09
Endurofreunde Bayerwald

Guestbook entry translated from german language.

Hello Diana and Emy, we had super days at you in Romania, the accommodation was great and everybody was very friendly. The tours were madness, there was something for everybody and all of us got what we wanted. Everything was great organized, the hospitality and the places where we had our lunches were great. We will come back for sure!

Sunday, 25 September 2016 18:05
Dirk Güthoff

Guestbook entry translated from german language.

Thank you for the great pictures. Those were really beautiful day at you.


Sunday, 25 September 2016 18:04
Greetz Manuel

Hey Emy, on this way thanks again for this exceptional days in Romania. Not even the riding, also the accommodation and the service were perfect. I can more than recommend spending a week with you in Arad and we've already booked a week for next year.

Greetz Manuel

Sunday, 25 September 2016 18:03

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