Enduro in Romania - Tracks at Emy

The soft or hard tracks start behind the accomodation, you will not see the asphalt! Regarding the level of enduro challenge that these mountains can offer, it is the perfect place for the best enduro experience, for both beginners and experts.
Everybody finds here exactly what she/he likes, with hundreds of ups and downs, uphills that help you improve your enduro skills, landscapes that fill you with joy, single tracks that fill your heart with happiness, all of this in a story like forest.

From the highest peak, you will feel as if you could see your house.

Our guides know how to mix the tracks so that they fit your level and the level of your team, regardless of the weather or of the number of drivers. Our passion is to satisfy the enduro appetite of our most demanding customers and we know that we can do it, in a very professional way! 90% of our clients have come to us after receiving a recommendation from former clients, and that says all!

We make sure to have a responsible Enduro business, with the hope that we can keep this business for many years. But this depends also on you, those who want to explore these grounds. By choosing to drive with a guide, you can not only have a great Enduro experience, but you will respect all the laws and all the local rules, you will not enter privat ground, you will not scare the wild and domestic animals, you will not disturb the hunting grounds and you will respect the local people. I hope more and more drivers will understand how important it is to drive with a local guide in order to maintain the enduro sport for many years, instead of driving senseless through the area, which, on the long run, means the end of Enduro in free terrain.

High quality organization, from the accommodation, enduro tour guides, customized enduro program for each individual/team, up to the smallest details that we have cared for.

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