It is not enough to be in a place with hundreds of points of interest if you do not know how to get to them, and which ones are worth visiting, and how to organize your time in a matter that allows you to visit as many as possible. A navigation program will never know the local rules, is not able to adapt the track to the weather and to the level of the team. But a really GOOD enduro tourguide will make all this possible, will be always there to help you and will make sure that you don’t waste your holiday time, but make every minute memorable!

We, the guides, adjust the holiday to the needs and desires of the group. We know what you need!

For the job of a enduro tourguide, you need to have a good capacity to estimate and identify the risks, you have to be a good team player, you need to have a great communication level, you need to be mentally balanced and you need to have the capacity to react fast and correct in unpredicted situations. This job cannot be learned in school, the necessary know how is accumulated in years of driving in the mountains, first as an amateur, and later as a professional enduro tour guide.

Most important

Everything must be done with passion! We are not only owners of rooms, looking to fill them up with clients, we are also enduro guides, we are with you, out there every day, in sun and in rain, in dust and in mud. We are with you!

Arad is the Enduro region from Romania that is closest to the vest of Europe. Arad is only 50km far from the border between Romania and Hungary. Most of your arriving trip will be done on the highway. From Austria – Vienna, you make only 5 hours and 5 min (529km) until the doorstep of the pension (according to google maps, since 2016), on the highway!

This area is proper for both beginners, who with the help of our professional enduro tourguides will progress fast and safely, and proper for experts who want to overcome their limit. After years of experience, we consider that the best terrain for enduro training is situated under 1000m attitude, and the best terrain for unforgettably beautiful landscape is over 1000m.

Trust us with your enduro vacation and you will not only not regret, but you will help us, by making us publicity to others by telling them about your enduro vacation at us!

Your Enduro holiday is one click away !

High quality organization, from the accommodation, enduro tour guides, customized enduro program for each individual/team, up to the smallest details that we have cared for.

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